London Freelance Branch

1-day course: Podcasting – An Introduction to Audio Recording and Editing for Journalists

Dates: Thu 25 Feb 2021. 10am to 4.30pm. 10 places per course. £30. To book, email Helen Hague –

This course will introduce students to the key concepts in capturing good-quality audio recordings in a journalism context. It will also cover how to edit these recordings using freely-available audio software and prepare it for use in broadcast, podcast, film, web, archive etc. This is a Zoom class, with breaks during the day to work on a practical activity.

● How to choose and prepare your recording location.
● Overview of equipment available and how to use it.
● Overview of editing software available and how to use it.
● Audio interview techniques and best practice.
● Practical activity: recording and editing a short audio piece.
● How to publish and monetise a Podcast
● Further resources available.

● A computer with webcam and running Zoom video conferencing software.
● An audio recorder (Zoom, Olympus, Tascam) or phone capable of transferring recordings to your computer.
● A pair of headphones

Expected learning outcomes:
Students will learn about the range of recording equipment available, choose the most appropriate for their project, and be guided on how to use it. They will also be made aware of the audio editing software available and be given an overview of basic audio editing concepts. They will record a short interview and edit it using this software and learn how to publish this content.

This course is being delivered by Hamish Brown, a journalist and audio professional with 20+ years experience, including staff roles at The Scotsman and Sunday Herald. He has supplied audio and training services for clients including NUJ, NHS, BBC, National Galleries of Scotland and Glasgow Film.